• Covers exam fees for sick visits ($50-$250 on average).
  • All dogs and cats six weeks old and above to enroll. (No age restriction).

Policy Coverage

  • Accidents, injuries + illnesses.
  • Non-routine veterinary exam fees.
  • Diagnostic treatments.
  • Cancer treatments.
  • Prescription medication.
  • Surgery + rehabilitation.
  • Dental (non-routine).
  • Alternative therapies.
  • Referral + specialist treatment.
  • Imaging – Xray, MRI, CAT scan, ultrasound.
  • Loss due to theft or straying.
  • Advertising + reward for stolen pets.
  • Boarding kennel fees.
  • Behavioral therapies.
  • Death from illness or injury.
  • Vacation cancellation


  • None curable pre-existing conditions.
  • Wellness & routine care.
  • Preventative care.
  • Prophylactic teeth cleaning.
  • Elective treatments e.g., tail docking, ear cropping (not recommended by a veterinarian to treat or diagnose an injury or illness).
  • Breeding, pregnancy, whelping or treatment of offspring

Other things to know...

  • Claims processing time: up to 30 days (Typically pays claims within 5-7 days).
  • 15 day waiting period for injury or illness.
  • 6 months waiting period on hip dysplasia*, cruciates and patellas.
  • No wellness plan.
  • Offers a 5% discount for users purchasing their insurance plan online.
  • Your pet is covered when they travel with you in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Covers exam fees for sick visits ($50-$250 on average).
  • No claims credit (2% discount for each consecutive12-month policy period without a claim, up to 10% max discount).
  • For coverage to apply, you must take your dog to the vet within 48 hours of noticing symptoms of an illness or injury..
  • Dogs must have annual health and dental checkups to qualify for coverage. Failure to do so may mean your dog won’t get insurance coverage until that checkup is done.
  • Only covers CCL (ACL) on a second leg if the first leg remains healed for 12 months (if your pet received treatment for a cruciate or soft tissue injury to one knee before policy inception, then the other knee is automatically excluded).
  • 24/7 Petplan customer support.
  • 24/7 veterinary assistance via PetCoach